Health & Safety

Health Precautions

We have instituted health procedures that may affect your booking. 

We currently do not require guests to be vaccinated against COVID-19 however, Moroccan law and entry requirements may require this. Please be aware of current national regulations before booking. Per Moroccan law you may also be required to show proof of vaccination at any point by authorities. 

If you are feeling unwell we ask you to refrain from attending the tour. Guides may take an external temperature reading and if you present with a fever you will not be able to attend the tour (current guidelines state 38C or 100.4F for temperature screenings).

Moroccan law currently requires all adults to wear a face mask in public except when eating or drinking. You will be asked to follow this regulation throughout the tour. Guides may remind guests of this protocol.

We highly recommend all guests have comprehensive travel and health insurance in case of illness or interruption in travel plans. 

Food and Beverage Consumption

  • All food and beverages are halal. No pork or alcohol will be included on the tours.
  • All food and beverages consumed during the Tour are from third party establishments. We play no role in sourcing ingredients or preparing the food and beverages served. Therefore, we are unable to take any responsibility for sickness, illness or injury caused to you or your companions as a result of visiting these establishments or consuming their food and beverages.
  • You understand, accept, and take full responsibility for the potential risks and hazards of consuming foods and beverages during the tour.

Dietary Restrictions, Allergies and Medical Conditions

  • You are required to let us know of any (a) dietary restrictions, (b) allergies and (c) other medical conditions related to either walking or eating/drinking, at the time of booking.
  • There is no guarantee of our being able to accommodate any dietary restrictions, but we will do our best.
  • In the case of dietary restrictions or allergies, it is your responsibility to remind your guide of any allergy before consuming any food or beverage during the tour, so that we can verify with the restaurant regarding the ingredients.
  • We will do our best to see that allergies that have been communicated to us are accounted for, however, we cannot take any responsibility for any incidents resulting due to allergies caused to you as a result of food or beverage consumption from third party establishments.
  • In the case of any extreme allergies or medical conditions, we reserve the right to request you to not attend the tour, and will refund the full price of the ticket booking.

Release of Liability

To the extent permitted by law, Marrakech Food Tours and Moroccan Food Adventures LLC accept no responsibility for any damage, accident, sickness, injury, loss, or death that you or anyone else may experience with our tours. This includes but is not limited to exposure, infection, or spread of COVID-19 related to participating in our tours or services. We advise you to have comprehensive travel and health insurance. By purchasing tickets you are agreeing you understand and agree to our terms and conditions.

Still Have Questions?

Please contact us and we’d be happy to help resolve your query.